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Star Common Name Constellation Full Name Translation/Reference Rolleston Hipparcos Language Identifier
Al Phecca CrB Al Na'ir al Fākkah the bright (star) of the broken dish

Allen p. 178, Bullinger p. 53
the shining Arabic * alf CrB
Alphacca CrB Al Nā'ir al Fakkah the bright (star) of the broken dish

Allen p. 178
Arabic * alf CrB
Alphecca CrB Al Nā'ir al Fakkah the bright (star) of the broken dish

Allen p. 178, Olcott p. 155, Kunitzsch p. 30,, StockmanL.H. & Harper David,
Arabic * alf CrB
Blaze Star CrB Blaze Star a recurring bright nova in the constellation of Corona Borealis

A Reduced Star Catalog Containing 537 Named Stars. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. p. 13,
English HR 5958
Gemma CrB Gemmasque Novum taken from Ovid's (20 March 43 BC – 17/18 AD) Gemmasque Novum in 16th Century Europe

Allen p. 178. Olcott pp. 148155, Kunitzsch p. 30
Latin * alf CrB
Gnosia CrB Knossos the gem in the king's crown; King Minos of Knossos, Cretre

Allen p. 178, Whitelaw Todd & Kotosonos, A & Vasilakis, A & Bredaki, M.(2012). Knossos Early Iron Age: new finds from the surface survey
Latin (Vergil's Georgics, 29 BC) * alf CrB
Gnosia Stella Coronae CrB Gnosia Stella Coronae star of the crown of Knossos

Allen p. 178
Greek (Vergil's Georgis) * alf CrB
Kamuy CrB kamui a supernatural entity possessing spiritual energy

StockmanL.H. & Harper David,
Ainu HD 145475
kip-pat CrB kip-pat

British Museum tablet BM 78161 translated by Thompson Gary D.
Babylonian * alf CrB
Moldoveanu CrB Moldoveanu the highest peak in the Fagaras mountain range,
Romanian XO-1
Nusakan CrB An-Nasaqan the two series; aligned lines

Allen p. 179, Olcott p. 148, Kunitzsch p. 31, StockmanL.H. & Harper David,,
Arabic * bet CrB
Variabalis Coronae CrB Variabalis Coronae variable one of the crown

Pigott Edward; Englefield Henry C. (1797). "On the Periodical Changes of Brightness of Two Fixed Stars. By Edward Pigott, Esq. Communicated by Sir Henry C. Englefield, Bart. F. R. S". Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. The Royal Society. 87: 133–141. Bibcode:1797RSPT...87..133P. doi:10.1098/rstl.1797.0007. JSTOR 106921.
Latin HR 5880