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Star Common Name Constellation Full Name Translation/Reference Rolleston Hipparcos Language Identifier
Dalim For Dalim pomegranate

Piazzi G ed. (1814). Praecipuarum Stellarum Inerrantium Positiones Mediae Ineunte Saeculo XIX: ex Observationibus Habitis in Specula Panormitana ab anno 1792 ad annum 1813. Palermo. p. 21,StockmanL.H. & Harper David,
Hindu (Piazzi's Palermo Catalogue, 1814) * alf For
Diya For diya the oil lamp brought to Mauritius in the 1820's and used for lighting on special occasions

StockmanL.H. & Harper David,
Hindi WASP-72
Fornacis For lucida furnace

Allen, p. 221
Latin (Elijah Hinsdate Burritt, 1833) * alf For
Intan For intan the diamond

StockmanL.H. & Harper David,
Bahasa Melayu HD 20868